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By Cynthia Lynn Stigger

"Sweet Bundle Of Joy"
Straight from heaven
I'm your sweet bundle of Joy
Sent from God
For you to love and enjoy
My tiny little hands
To cup my tiny little smile
As I wiggle my toes
God's presence, is all around
Peeping with one eye open
Mommy, I see you
Don't let that tear flow
'Cause God already knows...
Here are a few stanza's from the poem
"Sweet Bundle Of Joy"
that I was inspired to write after
learning that my grandson was
born with a disability.

A place where mothers of special needs children can share their stories

Sweet Bundle of Joy is an online, uplifting support site for mothers that have babies
born with a severe handicap or other life threatening illness. This site allows mothers
to share their stories of their own sweet bundle of joy.
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